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2010-03-18 Quick EXIF Writer 3.0 is released
Win7 compatible.
2006-11-10 Quick EXIF Writer 2.6 is released
Possible to change background color when viewing images to get a better contrast.
2005-08-5 Quick EXIF Writer 2.3 is released
Keyword search function added.
2005-05-30 Quick EXIF Writer 1.02 is released
Now it is possible to add EXIF User Comments and Descriptions to JPEG files that are missing EXIF information.
2005-05-06 Quick EXIF Writer 1.0 is released
Quick EXIF Writer is a tool for a quick view of digital camera photos. The idea of this program is that it opens fast and has the ability to edit the EXIF data in the jpeg pictures. The EXIF tags that can be changed are "User comment" and "Descriptions". When you change these tags your comments and descriptions will follow the pictures and can be seen in other pictures viewers that support the EXIF standard.
screen shot of the freeware Quick EXIF Writer the tool for fast previews and EXIF editing.
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